'Captain's Climb' fights cancer

Around £300,000 of the money raised by the 'Captain's Climb' up Mount Kilamanjaro two years ago will go to creating a bank of lung cancer cells. This will help researchers working on the disease.

Rugby stars raise £300,000 for Wales Cancer Bank

Research into lung cancer has been given a boost by the fundraising of a group of former Wales rugby players.

£300,000 of the money raised by their 'Captain's Climb' of Mount Kilimanjaro will be used to help build a collection of cancer cells to study.

"It's great work being taken on by so many talented and dedicated people here, and I'm just delighted to be playing a small part in the whole affair" said Bob Norster.

"It was a big mountain for us to climb, but not half as big as the mountains cancer patients have to climb" Emyr Lewis added.

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