Criticism of AWEMA handling

There were "weaknesses" in the way the Welsh Government managed the way it funded the charity AWEMA, according to the Wales Audit Office.

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AWEMA: Welsh Government forced to speak

The Assembly's Presiding Officer, Rosemary Butler, has allowed an urgent question about the Welsh Government's funding of the ethnic minority charity AWEMA to be asked in the Senedd this afternoon. The question from the Liberal Democrat AM Peter Black will oblige a government minister to respond.

Last Thursday, the Wales Audit Office was highly critical of the government's lack of control of how more than £7 million was spent over a decade. A final payment of more than half a million pounds was not stopped because the government reacted too slowly to concerns about how the charity was run.

The Welsh Government has refused all requests for interviews since the Audit Office published its report. It has also not offered to make a statement to the Assembly about the AWEMA affair. It must now decide which minister will respond this afternoon.

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