Criticism of AWEMA handling

There were "weaknesses" in the way the Welsh Government managed the way it funded the charity AWEMA, according to the Wales Audit Office.

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  1. Adrian Masters

Conservatives condemn 'lazy Labour' silence on Awema

The Welsh Conservatives have joined opposition criticism of the Welsh Government's refusal to make a statement to the Assembly on a critical report into its handling of the failed charity Awema.

An opposition bid for an urgent question has been allowed but the Welsh Government insists it would be 'inappropriate' to make a statement before the Public Accounts Committee considers the Wales Audit Office report, a defence dismissed as 'flannel' by the Tory Assembly leader Andrew RT Davies.

This lazy Labour cabinet holes itself up on issues of national importance far too often.

While the pantomime ministers are happy to dismiss responsibility and shriek with horror at difficult UK government decisions, they repeatedly lock their doors and shun the spotlight on issues that call their leadership into question.

The First Minister should say sorry for this shambles and give a guarantee that it won’t happen again

– Andrew RT Davies, Welsh Conservatives' Assembly leader

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