Criticism of AWEMA handling

There were "weaknesses" in the way the Welsh Government managed the way it funded the charity AWEMA, according to the Wales Audit Office.

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  1. Adrian Masters

Call for urgent debate on Awema Audit report

An urgent debate should be held in the Assembly on a report which was highly critical of the Welsh Government's handling of the failed charity Awema, according to the Welsh Liberal Democrats. The party's condemning what it calls 'the continued silence' of ministers.

No minister has agreed to interview request since the report was published last Thursday. Opposition calls for an urgent question to be allowed are being considered by the Presiding Officer. But the Lib Dems say there an urgent debate which the rules allow to be held at short notice.

Labour Ministers have refused every opportunity presented to them to explain their actions. It is nothing short of a disgrace that we are yet to receive a single ministerial statement since the release of the Wales Audit report. This is an insult to the National Assembly and its democratic processes...

It is absolutely unacceptable that they are hiding like this. Refusing to answers questions and sending out a civil servant as cannon fodder is tantamount to cowardice.

– Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrats

In response to the Lib Dem criticism, a Welsh Government spokesperson said:

There is an agreed and established process in place to consider reports of this nature. The National Assembly's Public Accounts Committee will give due consideration to the Wales Audit Offices' report, and the committee's conclusions will be debated by Assembly Members in due course. It would therefore be highly inappropriate for Welsh Ministers to comment until then.**

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