Welsh Govt budget deal

The Welsh Government has agreed a deal with Plaid Cymru which would allow Labour to get its spending plans through the Assembly.

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Plaid and Labour reach budget deal

Plaid Cymru has reached a deal with the Welsh Government, which means the party will not oppose this year's budget. It says it will secure the creation of thousands of apprenticeships and jobs, with £40million over two years for apprenticeships, which could attract £20 million of EU funding.

There will also be a £10 million investment in a science park led by Bangor University in collaboration with Aberystwyth University. Again it's hoped there will also be EU and private sector investment.

Plaid Cymru is proud to announce that thousands of apprenticeships and jobs will be created as a result of the deal that we have reached with the government today. Youth unemployment is at crisis levels in Wales having quadrupled over the past year. The Party of Wales has been consistent in our determination that urgent action had to be taken to tackle that. The economy and jobs have been my priority and focus since the outset. This is concrete action that we help to rebuild our economy and equip our young people with the tools they need for a successful future.

– Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood AM

Last year, Plaid Cymru made little headway in its budget talks with Labour and the Government eventually did a deal with the Liberal Democrats, who secured the payment of a pupil deprivation grant. The grant will continue next year.

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