Supreme Court judgement on Welsh bill

The UK Supreme Court has ruled that the first Welsh bill is lawful and within the Welsh Government's powers.

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Court ruling 'removes uncertainty' over Assembly powers - Welsh Secretary

Welsh Secretary David Jones says the Supreme Court has 'removed uncertainty about the Assembly's' powers. He said:

This judgment will assist both the Welsh and UK Governments as to where the devolution boundary lies. In particular, it clarifies the extent to which the Welsh Ministers can exercise their powers to amend byelaw making procedures in the future.

The Government appreciates this clarification, as the referral was made to clarify the boundary of the Welsh devolution settlement, not to interfere with the policy objectives of the Welsh Government.

The UK Government will continue to make every effort to ensure that the legislative arrangements work effectively. Any referrals to the Supreme Court should not be seen as hostile, but rather the appropriate mechanism of ensuring devolution works smoothly. I am committed to ensuring that and working with the Welsh Government in the future.

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