Severn tolls 'to stay'

The First Minister has made clear that if the Welsh Government gains control of the Severn Bridges, tolls will not be scrapped, though ministers 'could look to reduce the tolls'.

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First Minister on the Severn Bridge tolls

In an exclusive interview for 'Sharp End', the First Minister talks about his plans for the Severn Bridge tolls once control is handed over in 2017/2018.

He says it would be wrong for the UK Transport Department to take over the bridges and the toll income.

But the Welsh Government, he adds, would not get rid of the tolls or cut them to a level where they would just pay for maintaining the bridges.

"The important point is of course that still leaves scope for having that extra money which we could spend on the M4 in Wales" he says.

You can see more of that interview tonight at 10.35pm on ITV1 Wales.

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