584 Tata jobs to go

The steel maker has announced that several Welsh sites will close, and the majority of the jobs look set to be lost at its Port Talbot base.

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Business expert: 'Tata job losses will hit Port Talbot hard'

Dr Jonathan Deacon, from the University of Wales, Newport, says the loss of jobs in Port Talbot and Llanwern will be especially damaging to the local economies.

"These are the high-quality, white collar worker posts. The management posts, the admin posts tend to be the higher-paid and tend to be also where the knowledge is in the organisation"

"To lose those jobs out of an area like Port Talbot - which is not especially blessed with the ability for those types of workers to find other employment - it's going to be really hard."

"The knock-on effect is going to be felt in the local communities because of the economic value that those jobs bring.... where those salaries are being spent - new cars, holidays etc."

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