Foster dad jailed over child porn photos

A foster father has been jailed at Newport Crown Court for having almost 800 child porn photographs on his computers.

Foster father jailed for having 800 child porn pictures

A foster father has been jailed for having almost 800 child pornography photographs on his computers.

Jeremy Goodwin, 47, from Caerphilly county, was a foster carer for two girls aged five and three.

Goodwin worked for the Royal Mail while being paid by his local council to care for vulnerable children for five years.

The court heard that Goodwin was downloading illegal images onto two computers at his homes.

Some of the photos showed men having sex with young children - including one with a six month-old baby.

Goodwin was jailed for eight months after admitting 16 sample charges of making indecent images of a child.

It is immensely troubling that you were employed at the time as a foster carer looking after two young children. Your claim that it was nothing to do with sexual gratification is a lie. Downloading indecent images perpetuates the market for their distribution and encourages the making of further images.

– Judge Daniel Williams

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