Ched Evans victim naming: Judge sentencing court camera phone man blasts "out of date" legislation

A Rhyl man who took a mobile phone photograph of defendants in a high-profile court case while the proceedings were taking place has been fined.

Mark Sweetman, 27, was heard boasting that he hoped to make a lot of money by selling the picture to newspapers.

He was in court on November 5 when nine people pleaded guilty to naming the victim in the Ched Evans rape case on Twitter and Facebook.

At Prestatyn Magistrates' Court today, prosecutor James Neary said that Sweetman had attended court to support a friend who was among the defendants.

Sweetman was charged originally under the Contempt of Court Act, but the charge was withdrawn since it would have needed to be ratified by the Attorney General.

Instead, Sweetman admitted taking a photograph of court proceedings without consent.

He was fined £110 and ordered to pay costs of £100.

“You knew it was illegal and you decided to run the risk.

Your actions did not cause publicity to be given to those who did not deserve it but you did it in court and you interrupted proceedings.

The legislation under which you are charged is out of date as it was not drafted to cater for the immediate worldwide distribution of photographs but for the taking of a single photograph in court.

As with the legislation in the other case, it has failed to keep up with the technological advances which enable worldwide communication at the touch of a button.

– District Judge Andrew Shaw