N. Wales floods recovery

Teams of volunteers continue to distribute clothes and food to people displaced by floods in around St Asaph and Ruthin. Hundreds are returning to their homes and businesses to pick up the pieces.

Police: 'Returning to normality is priority'

A huge amount of supplies has been donated to help people affected by the flooding Credit: Jonathan Hill / ITV News Wales

All main roads to and from St Asaph are now open. Traffic is still being temporarily controlled along Sarn Road, due to standing water.

Scottish Power has worked throughout the day to restore electricity to a large number of homes.

North Wales Police are doing extra patrols, to provide reassurance and prevent crime in affected areas. Superintendent Peter Newton said: 'We continue to work with all our partner agencies to minimise the impact of the flooding. The recovery of the area to normality remains our priority.'

Scores of volunteers and charity workers have also lent a hand Credit: Jonathan Hill / ITV News Wales

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