Pobol y Cwm controversy

The Welsh Government makes an official complaint to the BBC and S4C over the repeat of an episode of soap 'Pobol y Cwm', which it claims failed to show 'due impartiality' over a storyline about bovine TB.

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Pobol y Cwm row: Welsh Government 'should apologise' says farmers' union

The Farmers' Union of Wales is calling for the Welsh Government to apologise following its complaint over an episode of 'Pobol y Cwm'.

The programme made comments which were very derogatory for farmers but we have not received a single complaint because our members understand they were made by a character in a soap opera and should be taken in context because these are not real people.

For the Welsh Government to formally ask for censorship of a soap opera because it contains characters criticising them is not just an overreaction, but a major concern for anyone who believes in having a media free from political censorship by the ruling government or anyone else.

– Emyr Jones, President FUW

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