Parkinson's awareness 'woeful'

The charity Parkinson's UK says its research shows a very low level of awareness about Parkinson's disease and its effects. Gaps in knowledge are worse in Wales than any other part of the UK.

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Parkinson's awareness campaign

Adverts will be appearing on billboards and in newspapers Credit: Parkinson's UK

To combat what it describes as a 'woeful' lack of awareness about the disease, the charity Parkinson's UK has launched a new campaign to show the impacts it has on people's everyday lives.

The adverts take everyday images and mix them up Credit: Parkinson's UK

They read: 'Parkinson's mixes up the messages the brain sends to the body, so everyday tasks become incredibly difficult.'

'Parkinson's might not kill you. But it can make living hell.'

Research has shown 'just how little the public know' about the condition Credit: Parkinson's UK

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