300 wild revellers in lottery millionaire's home

Two teenagers from Llanelli have been given 12-month conditional discharges and ordered to pay £85 each towards court costs after they gatecrashed a lottery millionaire's daughter's 16th birthday party after it was posted on Facebook.

Courtney Colarusso, 18 and Kalem Tinnuche, 19 were among 300 wild revellers at the house.

Police were called as dozens of drunken fights began breaking out in the streets around the luxury home. They were "verbally abused" by Colarusso, and Tinnuche whilst trying to clear the scene.

Officers were sent to the address after reports of fighting in the street.

When they arrived at the scene they found between 200 and 300 people people out on the road.

A large disturbance was going on resulting in numerous persons being arrested.

– Gerald Neave, Prosecutor

16-year-old Ffion was nine when her mother Sandra Fosbrooke shared a £12.8 million jackpot with then partner Ken Henry in 2005.

Sandra was working at her pub when she received a phone call from the police saying her six-bedroom luxury home was overrun with uninvited guests.