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  1. James Wright

Showers around overnight, more for tomorrow

Sunday was a day of sunny spells and showers, it looks like the new week will start in much the same way although it's likely that the showers will be restricted to the northern side of Wales.

Tonight there will be more organised bands of showers marching across Wales. Some may persist.

Temperatures will drop away to 4C, normally this would be enough for a touch of ground frost but tonight it's unlikely to be an issue thanks to the showers and a brisk breeze.

Tomorrow another band of showers affect NW Wales and once again they could be persistent.

Other parts of the country should be drier and brighter but a scattered shower cannot be ruled out. Highs tomorrow of 8 or 9C.Tuesday sees a weak ridge of high pressure suppressing the showers ahead of more wet and windy weather heading our way for midweek.

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