Glamorgan and Newport universities will merge as 'University of South Wales'

The universities of Glamorgan and Newport will merge under the name of the University of South Wales.

The university's new vice chancellor, Julie Lydon insists the merger will be "historic" for higher education in Wales.

The University of South Wales was overwhelmingly supported as our new name amongst every single stakeholder group that we spoke to.

"People told us that University of South Wales made sense because of the strong geographical recognition it provides and the way it reflects the backgrounds of the two existing institutions.

"Newport and Glamorgan have many areas of strength and proud histories, but the new university will be a flagship institution that will deliver substantial benefits for the people of Wales.

– Professor Lyndon, vice chancellor for the University of South Wales

Education Minister, Leighton Andrews, gave the two institutions permission to merge, after failing to persuade Cardiff Metropolitan to make it a three-way deal.