Secondary school banding

The Welsh Government have published the latest banding data for secondary schools in Wales

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NASUWT response to publication of school banding scores

The NASUWT has been consistently arguing that the banding process would be divisive, crude and over simplistic ever since it was first mooted by ministers.

As the NASUWT predicted, the banding system has simply enabled schools to be crudely ranked in a quasi league table without full consideration of their circumstances and the context in which they are working.

The banding system fails to provide any genuinely meaningful information about how either schools or the education system as a whole in Wales is performing.

While it is important that schools are held accountable for their performance and that there is a mechanism by which schools most in need of additional support can be identified, the NASUWT believes that banding does nothing to genuinely aid schools to improve.

Schools and teachers are constantly striving to raise standards but are being met with constant criticism and denigration of their efforts.

The publication of these banding scores will exacerbate the rapid decline in teacher morale and will deepen the sense of frustration and anger being felt by many teachers and school leaders.

– Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT

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