Traffic Wardens given cameras in Carmarthenshire

TRAFFIC wardens in Carmarthenshire ( Llanelli) can now film motorists who abuse them. Credit: Carmarthenshire Council

Traffic Wardens in Carmarthenshire have been given cameras so they can film those who abuse them whilst they patrol the streets.

The council say there has been a significant reversal ofbehaviour of motorists who realise their actions or words can be recorded.

The deterrent has been introduced because the wardens, now called civil enforcement officers (CEO’s) have face increased verbal and occasionally physical attacks when on duty.

The officers will only press the record button if they feel threatened or are in situations where they could be harmed.

The light weight cameras costing £400 each are attached to a harness on the traffic warden’s outer jacket. They are weather resistant and water-proof, records in high definition and have an automatic microphone that captures clear audio.

CPO’s are under no obligation to inform drivers that they are filming but will give a verbal warning that incidents will be filmed or recorded if threatened to help protect from abusive behaviour or help resolve any following dispute.