Independent inquiry into Denbighshire floods

Denbighshire council is to launch an independent inquiry into flooding that engulfed a Ruthin housing estate last month.

It follows an Environment Agency report published yesterday that pinpointed blocked culverts as one of the factors that caused the problem at the Glasdir estate.

The council welcomed the report but say they want to understand more to prevent it happening again.

In the case of Glasdir, the causes of the floods are not as straightforward as defences overtopping as a result of rainfall. According to the EA’s report, the causes were a combination of partially blocked culverts and the lack of a clear channel for the floodwaters to reach the Mwrog Flood Alleviation channel and the northern floodplain.

Having read the report carefully and discussed the issues with our specialist staff, the council’s officers’ view is that these conclusions are a partial explanation of why the flood in Glasdir happened. I believe that a thorough and independent investigation is needed to provide full answers.

– Denbighshire County Council statement