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  1. James Wright

Yellow warnings for heavy rain on the way

Rain cleared early this morning, but the cloud remained, and the wind across the hills has seen drizzle already today. That drizzle will turn increasingly to moderate rain through this afternoon. It will also be a rather windy day with strong gusty winds around the coast.

Whilst it's mild it won't feel like it thanks to the wind and rain.

Tonight the heavy rain arrives from the west, yellow warnings from the Met Office come in to force for many parts of Wales. We could see 2-3 inches of rain on western hills and mountains. There will be rather strong winds too.

The rain will be slow to clear tomorrow morning and it will continue to be heavy in places and thanks to saturated ground there may well be widespread issues with localised flooding and returning pressure on river systems. The rain moves away in the afternoon only to be replaced by heavy showers.

In between the showers are some brighter spells but they could be short lived. Temperatures will peak near lunchtime and then begin to fall during the afternoon as cooler air arrives. The winds will continue to be strong and blustery.

There is more rain to come - more details later.

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