1. James Wright

Windy with rain on the way

Any brightness from earlier today will disappear this afternoon as more cloud and eventually rain returns to western parts of the country. It will also be rather windy and blustery particularly around the coast. It will be relatively mild with highs nudging 10C.

Tonight heavier rain pushes in across Wales. Temperatures will barely fall compared to today's highs. The heaviest rain could produce up to 60mm on the northwestern hills. Elsewhere 15-30mm can be expected. A yellow warning is in force for heavy rain overnight across Gwynedd.

It will be very windy particularly on exposed coasts with gusts up to 55mph possible.

New Year's Eve starts wet for many places. There is likely to be a band of heavy showers behind the main rain bringing more wet weather before things dry out as we see in the new year.

It will still be rather blustery so even though it's relatively mild it won't really feel it.