Backlash over rail fares rise

Rail fares have increased by an average of 3.9% around the UK. Welsh transport charity Sustrans Cymru has warned that people here are being condemned to 'transport poverty.'

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Welsh Government: Rail fares rise offers 'best balance' for taxpayers and passengers

The prioritisation of the National Transport Plan has brought forward investment that will make the transport system in Wales work better to help tackle poverty, increase well-being and assist economic growth. Through our ongoing work with interest groups we can continue to address the issues of transport poverty through concessionary fares schemes and more sustainable transport options. Our Active Travel Bill will also make it easier and safer for people to make shorter journeys by walking and cycling.

– Welsh Government spokesperson

We feel that the decision to allow regulated rail fares to be raised by RPI+1% for next year is the best balance for both the taxpayer and the rail passenger in what are very difficult and challenging economic times. We strongly encourage the use of rail and will continue to promote its use as a sustainable mode of transport.

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