Nursing home care warnings

The Public Services Ombudsman has warned that there could be many more examples of older people getting poor treatment in nursing homes, unless there's an improvement in the way care levels are monitored.

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Welsh Government: Dignity in care 'a top priority'

The Welsh Government expects all Health Boards to have robust processes in place to monitor the quality of care their patients receive, wherever it may be provided, and take action where there is cause for concern.

A considerable amount of work is already under way to improve dementia services in Wales, including targets that have been set for the NHS to reduce the time between the onset of symptoms, and diagnosis and treatment. These targets are also being used to improve care for people with dementia in general hospital settings and to improve dignity and care as recommended by the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales. Additional financial investment is being made in this area.

– Welsh Government spokesperson

Dignity in care is a top priority for the Welsh Government. All quality and delivery meetings with the health boards and trust executive teams include discussion on this area of care and where appropriate innovations and good practice are shared from other organisations.

We are committed to improving the quality and experience of care for people at the end of their life and recently consulted on a delivery plan for end of life care. The final plan will be published in the coming months.

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