Pregnant woman one of many taken to hospital in police cars

The Welsh Conservatives say they're very concerned about a 'growing trend' of police having to step in for ambulances Credit: ITV News Wales

There were around 100 occasions last year when police had to take people to hospital because ambulances hadn't arrived on time. The figures come from Freedom of Information requests from the Welsh Conservatives, answered by three of Wales' four forces.

Examples of police stepping in as makeshift ambulances include when a man had suffered stab wounds to the chest - and when a heavily pregnant woman began to haemorrhage.

The Welsh Conservatives' Health spokesman, Darren Millar, said 'the unavailability of an ambulance in any medical emergency is worrying. While the invaluable assistance of the police should be applauded loudly, it remains extremely troubling their help is so frequently required.'

The Welsh Ambulance Service says it's 'working with Police forces across Wales to reduce incidences where our emergency colleagues are awaiting an ambulance response. Both WAS and all four Police forces are in frequent contact and are building on the close relationship in support of each other.'