1. James Wright

Cold, damp, misty...oh and risk of snow over the weekend!

There were spells of brightness around today, often shortlived thanks to mist, fog and cloud, the cloud had some rain on it but that's starting to clear. Tonight, the remaining rain moves east of Wales leaving another cold night with temperatures down to 0C. Significant mist and fog patches develop.

Friday sees mist and fog lingering, however, there will be some bright or even sunny spells around early on. Into the afternoon more cloud pushes in from the southwest eventually bringing more rain. Another chilly day with highs of 5-7C. North Wales should hold on to brightness for the afternoon.

Saturday sees brighter weather for north Wales, but rain to the south with could extend in to central parts and because this is hits cold air, there is likely to be some snow for the south eastern counties extending up in to Powys. The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for snow here.

A second warning for ice has also been issued once the rain/snow clears. There should be some sunny spells around on Sunday but it will feel cold. Then a combination of cold and wet weather could see some snow for parts of Wales on Monday.