North Wales prison plans

A new 'super-prison' to hold more than 2,000 inmates could be built in North Wales, the Ministry of Justice has announced.

The announcement comes as the Government begins a feasibility study for upgrading the UK's prisons.

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Delyn MP: 'Debate' needed on 'super-prison' plans

"There is an urgent need for prison places in North Wales, and today's statement has indicated there is a possible option for a super-prison" said David Hanson, the MP for Delyn, in the House of Commons this morning.

He added was "concerned" that MPs weren't able to question Justice Secretary Chris Grayling on the proposals today, and urged an early debate on the provision of prison places.

In response, Leader of the House Andrew Lansley MP said today's ministerial statement was "detailed and substantial", and said there will be "opportunities... formally and informally" for MPs to discuss the plans with the Department of Justice.

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