Cold but bright

Apart from a few showers skirting Pembrokeshire, Wales is doing well today with bright spells and some places enjoying some fine winter sunshine. It is chilly though, with highs of 5-7C.

Tonight sees the temperatures take a tumble to around 0C. A weak rain band will move in from the west, as this comes up against the cold air, there is a good chance of it falling as snow. This is most likely to be on higher ground where it could settle, at lowers levels it will probably melt.

Saturday sees another front skirting southern parts of Wales which is expected to bring moderate rain to central and southern parts, much lighter and patchier further north. A chilly and breezy start to the day, that breeze dragging in colder air. The cold air may turn the rain to snow in places.

Whilst higher ground may see significant amounts of snow, it is likely to pose less of an issue at lower levels. Temperatures on the cold side with highs of 3-6C. The weather turns brighter from the north and west later in the day.