Hospitals cracking down on litter louts

Patients and visitors at hospitals in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan could face fines for dropping litter, as council enforcement officers are being brought in.

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board is the first in Wales to allow enforcement officers onto its sites.

Council staff will be able to fine individuals £75 for dropping litter as the health board looks for ways to tackle rubbish, especially cigarette butts, on its sites.

Litter, and in particular cigarette butts, is a real problem for the hospital. They make the area look dirty and untidy but there's also a cost in employing people to collect and dispose of this waste and to remove chewing gum.

Most people who visit our hospitals dispose of their rubbish properly. The few that do not will now run the risk of picking up a fine if they don't put their rubbish in a bin.

– Dr Sharon Hopkins, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Enforcement officers will also be handing out health board information on giving up smoking in a bid to stop people smoking on hospital grounds. They will be on patrol from Monday.