1. Ruth Wignall

Amber warning! Snow and ice!

Today: A cold day, with the risk of icy stretches. Largely cloudy with the chance of showers, these falling as rain or sleet at the coast, but snow inland. However, a few bright or even sunny spells should develop later. Maximum Temperature 2 °C.

Tonight: A cold and cloudy night with the chance of some mainly light snow almost anywhere, but particularly in the south and east. Cold with a widespread frost and some ice. Minimum Temperature -2 °C.

Wednesday: Another cold and largely cloudy day, with the continuing chance of some light snow, particularly in the east. Somewhat drier, and perhaps even a little brighter in the west. Maximum Temperature 2 °C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Largely dry and bright on Thursday, although a few wintry showers possible. Mainly dry again on Friday, although rain and strong winds arriving later. Damp, windy but milder on Saturday.