1. James Wright

All change... well nearly

After days of freezing cold weather, there's a big change on the way over the next few days. From snow and ice to much milder temperatures and rain.

Thursday remains cold across Wales with temperatures trying to crawl above freezing. Highs near the coast could get to 3C. It should feel a little nicer thanks to a little brightness breaking out from time to time.

Tonight those breaks in the cloud will allow temperatures to plunge once again. An icy cold night to come with lows of minus 5C, but it could drop much lower in the countryside. By the end of the night the first of the milder weather arrives in the far west. Winds pick up too.

Rain arrives on Friday from the west but coming up against very cold air it may well fall as more snow before turning back to rain with the arrival of milder air from the south. Temperatures get up to 5-6C with heavier rain in the west, but there's still a big risk of snow through the day.

Yellow warnings are in force for Friday with snow across northeastern counties, however, milder temperatures and snow returning to rain in the south east could see surface water flooding.