Hazard FA charge over ball boy

The Football Association has charged Chelsea's Chelsea's Eden Hazard with violent conduct, after he appeared to kick a 17-year-old ball boy at Swansea's Liberty Stadium, during the two clubs' League Cup semi-final second leg.

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Nick Clegg joins Swansea ball boy debate

When Chelsea footballer Eden Hazard appeared to kick a 17-year-old ball boy during last night's match against Swansea, it sparked a fierce debate.

Now even Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has shared his views on the controversy. When asked about it during a radio phone-in, he said he believed both the player and the ball boy were at fault.

My early judgment is - this is going to sound like painful fence-sitting - but I think they are both at fault. Hazard absolutely should not have done what he did, that was absolutely out of order. Benitez has been clear on that. But the ball boy did seem to kind of cover the ball, which is frustrating for a player.

– Nick Clegg

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