1. James Wright

From snow, to sleet, to rain...

Today is changeover day where we finally say goodbye to the cold air that has been locked over Wales for the last few days.

A band of rain is pushing across the country through the day, the leading edge turning to snow, before becoming sleety, before eventually returning to rain.

A yellow warning is in force across NE Wales for snow. Southernmost counties have a yellow warning for rain leading to the possibility of surface water flooding as snow rapidly melts. Temperatures range from 1C in the east away from the coast to 5-6C across the west near the sea.

Tonight the main rain band heads east leaving a few showers around. A cold night with lows of -1C, but many places will remain above freezing.

Saturday starts with a blast of winter sunshine, although it will be a chilly start. As the day progresses temperatures rise to 8C, but more cloud arrives from the west into the afternoon. Rain from that cloud arrives after dark