1. James Wright

Bright and breezy Sunday

Some thundery downpours last night caused local flooding issues particularly in the south Wales valleys. Unfortunately there's more heavy rain on the way for tomorrow afternoon.

The rest of the Sunday, however, is a little more pleasant, with some bright and sunny spells around. There are a few showers floating around but the breeze should push them along. Temperatures top out at 7-8C.

Tonight more organised showers push across the country before dying out in the latter part of the night to leave clear spells and chilly temperatures down to 0C, so watch out for icy surfaces.

Any bright or sunny spells around early on Monday will be short-lived. More cloud and eventually rain pushes in from the west. Heavy rain arrives in the afternoon, some places could see more than an inch that could lead to more local flooding issues.

Yellow warnings for heavy rain in place for southern and central parts of Wales. It will be very windy too, average winds of 40mph but gusting up to 60mph can be expected in exposed locations. Whilst it won't feel it, it will be quite mild with highs of 9-10C.