GCSEs to stay in Wales

The Welsh Government has accepted proposals for the future of exams and qualifications in Wales. They mean that pupils will continue to sit GCSEs, although they will be abolished in England.

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Opposition warning on exams decision

The Conservatives say the Welsh Government can choose its own direction on exams but warn that there needs to be confidence in Wales-only qualifications. They also say that the main task is still to raise standards after Welsh pupils did badly in the international PISA comparisons.

The primary objective of devolution is to develop Wales-specific solutions to Welsh problems. These proposals setting out how Wales-only qualifications could be developed must secure the confidence of employers and universities in Wales, other UK nations and beyond.These qualifications shouldn’t be seen as a silver bullet to raising standards and the Welsh Government must ensure that the chances of current students are not written off in the same way he has written off the young people who took the 2012 PISA tests.

– Shadow Education Minister Angela Burns AM

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