MPs vote to allow gay marriage

MPs have backed David Cameron's plan to legalise gay marriage by 400 votes to 175, a majority of 225. All eight Conservative MPs in Wales voted against the bill.

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Ex-Welsh Secretary defends voting against gay marriage

Former Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy is understood to be the only Welsh Labour MP to vote against gay marriage plans.

I have supported a great deal of legislation over the years to oppose discrimination and give proper legal rights to people, regardless of their sexuality.

I support civil partnerships and very much oppose homophobia in any form.

However, I feel that this is primarily about the definition of marriage – something which I care greatly about as a Christian.

I must say that I’ve found some of the hyperbole and name-calling, from both sides, rather disappointing.

I am glad that a free vote has been allowed, so that MPs of all points of view can weigh up the issue and come to their own conclusions.

– Paul Murphy MP, Former Welsh Secretary

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