Welsh festival's £20,000 grant

Cardiff's annual 'Tafwyl' Welsh language festival is to receive £20,000 in funding from the Welsh Government. It follows last week's announcement that the would no longer fund the festival, as it attempts to save £22m from its budget.

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Welsh Conservatives: Labour is "cherrypicking" with Tafwyl grant

It is extraordinary for the Welsh Government to cherrypick cuts being imposed by their Labour chums in Cardiff Council.

“This sets a dangerous precedent, sending a message to local authorities that if they propose irresponsible cuts to essential services, they will simply be bailed out by the Welsh Government.

A cynic would think Welsh Labour Ministers are putting the narrow interests of their party before the country by bunging their council colleagues £20,000 to help them meet a pre-election vote-grabbing pledge.”

– Janet Finch-Saunders AM, Shadow Minister for Local Government

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