'Life-changing' diabetes trial

Researchers at Cardiff University say preventing a form of diabetes could become a reality, if trials prove successful. It aims to slow - or stop - the destruction of insulin-making cells using a vaccine-type treatment.

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Cardiff diabetes experts 'hope to find cure' for Type 1

Experts say preventing Type 1 diabetes could 'one day become a reality' if clinical trials of a new 'vaccine' prove successful.

We believe that this immune-based therapy can slow or stop the body from damaging its own insulin-making cells in the pancreas. Research to date shows that the treatment is safe, but we are in the early days and need to learn more about how it works in people with newly-diagnosed Type 1 diabetes. If effective, we can develop further treatments for individuals who are at risk of developing this type of diabetes later in life.

Our ultimate hope is to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

– Colin Dayan, Professor of Clinical Diabetes and Metabolism

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