'Life-changing' diabetes trial

Researchers at Cardiff University say preventing a form of diabetes could become a reality, if trials prove successful. It aims to slow - or stop - the destruction of insulin-making cells using a vaccine-type treatment.

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Cardiff experts in pioneering Type 1 diabetes research

Cardiff University researchers are among a team of experts working on a new 'vaccine' aiming to slow or halt the process that destroys the insulin-making cells in Type 1 diabetes.

Researchers say if clinical trials prove successful it will improve quality of life for those with the condition and could bring experts a step closer to a cure.

Type 1 diabetes usually occurs in childhood when a patient's immune system attacks the body's own insulin-making cells.

Unlike Type 2, it is not linked to poor diet or obesity.

Long-term, diabetes can lead to complications including blindness and amputation.

  • More than 160,000 people in Wales - almost 5% of the population - have been diagnosed with diabetes, although the true figure is believed to be higher as the condition can remain undiagnosed
  • An estimated 5-10% of these have Type 1
  • Type 1 is on the increase in the UK - particularly in children

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