Gran's £60 Scottish driving fine - without visiting Scotland

A woman from Swansea is to receive an apology from Glasgow Council, after it fined her for a traffic offence despite not having ever visited Scotland.

64-year-old Christine Quick was given the £60 fine for allegedly driving in a bus lane.

I was shocked - and I started thinking where I might have accidentally driven into a bus lane. Then I realised it said the offence had taken place in Glasgow, I have never been there in my life. I was upset because I had done nothing wrong. Whoever it was, it was not my car.

– Christine Quick

When Christine asked for CCTV evidence to be provided, it was found that the offending vehicle's number plate was illegible in the footage.

The penalty charge has been incorrectly processed. We will cancel the penalty charge and an apology will be issued.

– Glasgow City Council spokesperson