1. James Wright

Feeling chilly over next few days

A weak front is bringing some light patchy rain to parts of Wales, but as that moves off we're seeing some brighter spells develop. The rest of the day seeing more bright spells around, a few scattered outbreaks of light rain and it continues to feel cool with highs of 6-7C.

Through the evening and overnight the next band of rain pushes in from the west and extends across Wales. Again this will be light but there will be greater chance of seeing some rain. To the east it will be cold with lows of 1C, the rain brings milder air so lows further west of 4-5C.

The rain slowly creeps across the country during Saturday morning, as it does it meets colder air so we may see some sleet or snow falling, this is most likely across eastern and northeastern areas. Into the afternoon it will turn drier from the west, but we'll be left with a lot of cloud around.

It will be another cold day with highs of just 4-6C and with no winter sunshine around it will feel pretty dull, at least it won't be windy!