1. James Wright

Sleet and snow overnight with increasing ice risk

The rain of today is turning increasingly to sleet and snow overnight leading to yellow warning for snow and then ice for eastern parts of Wales.

Tonight we could see 2-4cm of snow falling but on the higher ground in the east we could see up to 10cm. Lows of 1-2C which is enough for ice. Further west it will be more like sleet and rain.

Monday starts with a mix of light rain, sleet and snow but this ease during the morning. By the afternoon we're left with a lot of cloud but parts of west Wales in the lee of the hills could see some brighter breaks from time to time. It will be cold everywhere with highs of 5-7C.

Tuesday is set to be a cold and cloudy day before the return of significant rain on Wednesday before turning showery on Thursday. It will be cooler than it should for the time of year meaning Thursday's showers could once again be wintry on the higher ground.