'From the Heart' campaign week

ITV is launching a new campaign, From the Heart, to raise awareness of organ donation and the NHS Organ Donor Register.

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'Very few contraindications' to organ donation

Today sees the culmination of ITV's From The Heart campaign aiming to get more people on the organ transplant register.

Transplant surgeon Mr Argiris Asderakis says it is often a 'misconception' that some people aren't suitable donors due to age or health.

He also said the organs of those who die in intensive care can often still be used.

There are very few absolute contraindications to organ donation. Most patients who die in appropriate circumstances in intensive care can be potential donors - provided they don't have an active tumour or that particular organ hasn't failed. There are some who will have kidney failure at that stage, but they can still donate their liver, for example.

– Mr Argiris Asderakis

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