Welsh Government 'finalising GCSE results procedure'

We are taking the steps necessary to ensure that there will not be a repetition of the events of last summer with regard to the award of GCSE English Language in Wales.

We have already discussed with WJEC the need to issue separate exam papers for GCSE English Language in Wales and to make grading decisions on the basis of information that is relevant to learners in Wales.

We will not allow the methodology used in England to determine the results of candidates in Wales. We are in the process of finalising these arrangements and will make a further announcement next week.

As we have announced previously, Ministers have accepted recommendation 5 of the Review of Qualifications to establish a new body, Qualifications Wales, with regulatory and awarding powers. Officials have begun work on the establishment of this new organisation and are in the process of commissioning a Due Diligence exercise as one of the first steps of this process. Clearly, this will separate regulation from government.

– Welsh Government spokesperson