1. James Wright

Sunny Valentine's Day

Last night saw an inch of rain falling in parts of Wales last night and that was on top of what had fallen earlier in the day. The good news is that rain band finally scraped away the gloomy and cold weather we've had for days and days.

This afternoon it's sunny spells everywhere with the odd shower dotted around. Whilst it will be rather breezy, it will also be much milder with highs of 8-10C.

The sunny spells of Thursday become the clear spells of Thursday night and as a result it will be chilly one with frost patches and some mist. Temperatures down to 1C but milder towards the west.

Friday will see a little more cloud for some parts whilst the sunshine continues for others, but hopefully the thicker cloud will break a little later in the day. Temperatures are still mild at 7-9C but they will begin drift down over the next few days.