1. James Wright

Chilly night but sunny tomorrow... eventually!

There was plenty of sunshine on offer across Wales during Sunday, even if not everyone got there fair share. Tonight will be chilly with lows of 1-2C. More cloud will drift in from England for eastern parts of Wales, elsewhere there will be clear spells.

The combination of the cloud and stronger winds mean frost will only be light and patchy as will any mist.

Monday may be cloudy to start for some, but it won't take long to break to sunny spells. Much of Wales will enjoy fine sunshine from the start. Sunny spells will be on offer pretty much everywhere later in the day. Winds will be blustery early on before easing later in the day.

Tuesday should be a repeat performance with plenty of sunshine around. Then midweek a weak cold front brings more cloud to much of the country. A brisk easterly breeze will drag cold air across the country. By Thursday highs of 4C plus the breeze will make it feel more like minus one!