Poverty 'can stop youngsters joining in' at school

A report into the impact of poverty on young people's education has revealed a lack of money often sets students apart from their peers.

Six in 10 young people interviewed said that not having enough money affected the activities they could take part in at school, which made them feel segregated from their friends.

The report also revealed a lack of money can impact on students' self-esteem, confidence and hopes for the future.

The young researchers behind the report have drawn up six recommendations to help young people living in poverty achieve their full potential at school.

These are:

  • A safe place to learn
  • One-to-one support from other students
  • Someone to speak to about home and school
  • A special fund for children to join in with activities
  • Free advice on careers and training
  • A continuation of the work of the Young Researchers in Wales