'Poverty gap' in education

Some children in Wales are not achieving their full potential at school because they live in poverty, says charity Save the Children. By GCSE level there is a 34% gap between children living in low income households and their better off classmates.

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Save the Children: 'Every child has potential to shine'

The head of Save the Children in Wales says it is 'not surprising' that poverty has an impact on a child's ability to perform well at school.

That is why this report really matters as it is young people themselves sharing their views and experiences with us. Every child has the potential to shine if given the chance. We can help to turn the 'small voices' in this report into a really 'big story' and by working together make sure that our generation is the one to end the link between poverty and education in Wales, which still holds so many of our children back from the futures they deserve.

– Mary Powell Chandler, Save the Children

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