'Poverty gap' in education

Some children in Wales are not achieving their full potential at school because they live in poverty, says charity Save the Children. By GCSE level there is a 34% gap between children living in low income households and their better off classmates.

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Welsh Government: 'reducing poverty is a top priority for us'

One of our top priorities is reducing the impact of poverty on educational attainment. Through our Tackling Poverty action plan we are prioritising the needs of the poorest, aiming to protect those most at risk of poverty and exclusion.

We are investing in a range of programmes which tackle the root causes of poverty and our pupil deprivation grant is also focussed on improving pupil outcomes particularly in literacy and numeracy.

We thank the young people involved in putting together this report which we will consider as part of our ongoing work in this area.

Some of the findings of this report are consistent with other research into strategies which have been shown to work and we are providing guidance to schools on introducing these kinds of interventions.

– Welsh Government spokesperson

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