Nicole Reyes cancer fears

The family of Nicole Reyes, from Cardiff, who has been held in prison in the Dominican Republic since last July, now fear she has cancer.

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Welsh mother Nicole Reyes speaks from prison in the Dominican Republic

The Welsh mother of two in prison on a Carribean island has spoken to ITV News about her ordeal.

Nicole Reyes' family are fighting to have her freed. She's been locked up for seven months without charge, after an incident in which her husband died.

"As fast as you break down one brick wall, another one is built in front of you" she told Richard Morgan.

"It's very difficult, I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel, and right now I'm feeling I'm struggling."

"It is very difficult every day talking to my family knowing that they love me and they're trying to hard to fight for me".

"I'm here, and I've never in my life felt so alone".

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