'Irritating to say the least': your views on nuisance calls

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@itvwales clearly the no cold call zones are not working. Phone companies need to implement an opt-out system to everyone who wants it.


@itvwales Several times a day. The TPS regulations should be used to fine them & put them out of business. They sneer if I mention TPS :-(


@itvwales our answer machine says"any nuisance/sales calls, please delete our number from your database"we don't answer our phone-its wrong

Caroline Harry on Facebook: I have caller ID on my phone. If I don' t recognise the number I don't answer. If its important they can leave a message and I call back.

Janey Stevens on Facebook: Nuisance calls happen everyday, at least three times a day and more sometimes...some are silent, some are those wretched recorded messages, some are people trying to sell something...it is irritating to say the least.

Geoff Owen on Facebook: The annoying ones are the automated messages. I'm sorry if you're going to phone me, actually get a human to call me and not play a tape at me.

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Nuisance calls debate

The Vale of Glamorgan MP Alun Cairns has called a debate on the problem of nuisance calls. Ofcom research says that 71% of people got a live marketing call during a six-month period last year.